What is the Brick House Foundation? 

The Brick House Foundation is based on the AA 12-Step and 12 Principles and 10 Commandments, AA 12 Principles program. We believe that these principles provide the critical foundation for sober living:
Continual work of the AA 12 Steps
Practice of the 12 Principles in our daily lives
Living our lives based on what our forefathers envisioned, the 10 Commandments.
In addition, we will teach residents the necessary skill set to properly maintain a single-family home. And at the end of the 6-year program, the resident will be "granted" his or her own home to achieve the satisfaction of home ownership. 

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Brick House enhances Decatur.

First, We plan on partnering with the city of Decatur, the Macon County Trustees, the IBEW, and other local tradespeople to assist in restoring some of the homes that are currently sitting abandoned and boarded up and making them livable again. These homes are costing the city and county a substantial amount of money to maintain the lawns and property and the city is faced with having to pay to demolish them. In a period of approximately 6 years those homes become tax producing versus the current city/county burden and eye sore.

​Second, the homes are brought up to a nice livable condition and instead of being an eye sore they are maintained and become an attractive home. The ripple effect this can have on a neighborhood is unmeasurable though sometimes all it takes is someone to take the lead by taking the action of showing pride in ownership.

​Thirdl in assisting those who want to achieve long term sobriety by giving them an option. We as citizens will in effect realize a lower and potentially a decreasing crime rate due to those individuals who were committing crimes to support their drug and alcohol habits will be lessened.

Is this a win-win situation?

Yes, we believe it to be a win-win situation for all!

Brick House

and Decatur

At Brick House Foundation, we promote the dignity and self-worth of all our residents. We strive to give them an excellent opportunity for sober living, as defined by the resident, individually and as a group.
To that end, we encourage group decision making through the House meetings; and mentoring and guidance in activities, socialization and food preferences.
Brick House is not just a long-term, sober-living facility -- it's their home and their community.
As an incentive and reward for completing the 6-year Program, each resident is granted a home to own.

Does it instill hope? The answer is absolutely YES!

The Brick House Foundation provides an opportunity to those who are willing to commit to long term sobriety and follow the guidance from those who came before them.

One could literally be living under a bridge, in jail for a drug or alcohol offense, or just get out of a treatment center and make a decision they want to change their life.

Then take the action that is suggested and necessary to stay clean and sober.

Then in three short years be living in their own home and in three more years for a total of six years own that home outright free and clear.

Does this sound attractive to one who has lost everything due to addiction? 


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Brick House Foundation Program

Brick House

Instills Hope

The Brick House Foundation was founded on June 27, 2017, as an incorporated, not-for-profit charitable organization in the state of Illinois. Brick House helps those willing to transform their lives through a combination of sober living and supervised remodeling of Brick House homes. Upon successful completion of the program, the resident is granted a Brick House home to own, free and clear.

The program is a Christian, AA Big Book, 10 Commandment-based program. We believe that working the 12 Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous and practicing the 12 Principles in our daily lives, along with basing our way of life as our forefathers suggested, on the 10 commandments, is a good foundation.

Brick House Foundation Mission

A structured sober living program unlike traditional transitional living or halfway houses.

Brick House Foundation

Also,  helping others and ourselves achieve the necessary skill set to restore and maintain a single family home with an end goal of owning that home is key to achieving long-term sober living. Brick House Foundation has 4 purposes that consist of Charitable, Educational, Religious, and Scientific. The Foundation's efforts will provide long term sober living for it's residents with a gradual scale of increased responsibility. This, defined in all of its phases -- with the end goal of independent sober living in each residents own home., of which, they will own outright upon successful completion of all 4 phases.

We believe that these keys are vital to the success of sober living.  The program helps those willing to transform their lives through a combination of sober living and supervised remodeling of Brick House homes.

The Brick House Foundation maintains the most comprehensive approach to sober living by gradually increasing responsibility and accountability in all phases of the program.    

As an incentive and reward for completing the 6-year Program, each resident is granted a home to own.